Customized Glitter Water Bottles With Your Kid's Name & Photo

100% Stainless Steel & Leak Proof Water Bottles

Good Quality Glitter Water Bottles

My son, Niranjan, is obsessed with anything sparkly! When I found NJGlitz water bottles with his name and his photo on them, it was a game-changer. Now, he’s always excited to stay hydrated throughout the day. The glitter is so fun and keeps him engaged, and the personalized touch makes it extra special. We get compliments on his water bottle all the time! Thanks, NJ Glitz!


Superb Bottles

My little Diya can be quite picky sometimes, especially when it comes to drinking water. But ever since we got her this water bottle with her name sparkling on it in Hindi, she won’t put it down! The glittery design keeps her mesmerized, and she loves showing off her name to everyone. Now, staying hydrated throughout the day at daycare is a breeze. Thank you, NJGlitz, for making Diya a happy (and well-hydrated) little girl! 


Very Beautiful

My son, Siddharth, can be forgetful sometimes, especially at school. Since getting him a water bottle with his name on it, there’s been no more confusion about whose bottle is whose. Plus, he loves the sparkly design! It’s a win-win for both of us. Now, I know he’s always got a water bottle with him, and he’s more motivated to drink because it’s so cool.


We Love It

My twins, Anjali and Amara, used to fight over everything, including their water bottles. With NJGlitz, I was able to get them each a personalized bottle in their favorite colors, with their names written in Punjabi. Now, they each have their own special bottle, and there’s no more arguing! The glitter adds a touch of fun, and they love seeing their names sparkling on the side. NJGlitz has made mornings a breeze in our house!

Priya Singh

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